Vaggelis Balamotis


I am the president of the team. One great task of mine is I am also the Social MedIa Manager of the IEEE WiE Greece Section. I love exploring different cultures and books (proud bookeater) and I am a big advocate of always staying optimistic. My passions are good food,dancing and travelling. Fun fact about me is that I have never eaten green beans, zero idea how they taste.

Kelly Nanou


I am the vice president of WiE. I am an outgoing person who loves animals and going on trips! I am also a volunteer in the Scout Movement and as we scouts say: “I do my best to help other people at all times, no matter the cost!”

Eleftheria Litou


I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am the president of our PR Team,making sure we go viral. Some of my hobbies are volleyball and dancing,reading books and hanging out with friends.  Addicted to:  titchu , sweets ,Harry Potter books and movies. Believe in: gender equality , peace, friendship. Also a sea lover.

Ioanna-Maria Panagou


I am the secretary for WiE Volos. My primary job is to take down notes from our meetings and organise them. I am pretty good at it, which is strange considering that my life is an utter mess. Born socially awkward and clumsy, I appear snob, but I’m actually pretty talkative as soon as you start the conversation. Just don’t get me started on music, because I will probably get on your nerves. Also, if you don’t drink coffee or alcohol you can’t hang with me. Just kidding…well, sort of.

Ioanna Apostolopoulou


With experience and passion about projects. Striving for both technical and communication skills. Daily musts are enormous doses of coffee, programming and hanging out with friends.

Sofia Zafori


I study Biomedical Engineering and I am a team member in IEEE Lamia SD.  My interest is embedded systems, especially in the Health domain. My hobbies include PC gaming, reading and writing fantasy books. But, don’t get fooled, I am extroverted, as well! I am a good listener and I don’t hesitate to take initiative inside a team. I aim, through technology to “Reach minds. Touch hearts. Move souls. Change lives.”, as Matshona Dhliwayo said.

Eirini Eleftheria Tsatrafili


I am a team member in IEEE Volos for the PR team. I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and it is my dream, since I was 13 to become an engineer. My hobbies are robotics, drawing, dancing, gaming and reading. Some interesting facts about me is that I am a volunteer in a NGO about robotics and education, and also that I participated in a national robotics competition! I believe in equality, respect, love and kindness, therefore my motto is: Be the change you wish to see in the world!